"This was my first time with coach Justina for my 14 year old daughter Jessica. Justina was professional but personable and my daughter thought she was a great coach and learned lots. We will definitely be making future arrangements to take even more instruction from her."

- Scott (coachup client)

"My daughter had a great experience with coach Justina. She was able to learn great skills in a short time. I'm very pleased with the result and my daughter is now confident with her upper hand serve."

-Zoau (coachup client)

"Attentive and super helpful. In her video tutorials
She actually talked to my daughter. Wish she was local and we’d be with her everyday."

-Reiana (Coachup Client)

"Awesome coach!"

-Jennifer (coachup client)

"My daughter can't wait to schedule her next session with justina.  thank you for getting us in on such short notice.  maddie says it was a lot of fun and you were very helpful.  better then any camp.  we highly recommend justina!"

-Tricia (Coachup client)

"My daughter loved the experience! we will definitely be doing many more sessions.  my daughter has never liked volleyball camps, so it was her idea to find a one on one coach.  in her first session she learned more than she would have at a three day, 400$ camp where there are 100 players getting little, if any individual coaching and very limited reps.  I would recommend justina to any one."

-Randy (Coachup client)

"Justina is a great coach.  she has the ability to meet each athlete at their level, giving them the individual attention they need.  we are so glad we found her."

-Gail (Coachup Client)




Ranked #1 coach on CoachUp for the State of MN and top 10 in the Nation.

Has completed over 400 lessons

Has worked with over 75 clients